Our brand designed for the basic non-scented candle range. Sober and elegant candles. We are experts in the production of this type of basic candles, with and without fragrances and in different sizes and colours, for the decoration sector.

Velas Lumar offers a wide range of candles such as taper candles, elegant and sophisticated candles that are characterised by their high quality and perfect burning.

Candles, in all their simplicity, are a wonderful opportunity to create the perfect atmosphere. They help us to give a cosy and warm touch in all those special moments. The variety of shapes, colours, and sizes makes the perfect combination anytime and anywhere.

As candle experts, we offer a wide variety of candles: pillar candles, taper candles, tealights, birthday and floating candles, and religious & grave candles. We offer all these because throughout life, there are many pleasant moments by candlelight.

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