We offer a wide variety of citronella range. We can personalise all the elements that make up a candle depending on the customer choice.

We launch new catalogues every season.

New image with same quality for our citronella range!

Our candles are free from insecticides and contain a high percentage of natural essence of citronella. Their proven effectiveness and ideal design make them perfect as decorative elements, for both outdoor and indoor use.

We offer several glass candles with citronella as the main element to keep the insects away in a natural way.

Create a pleasant outdoor atmosphere with candles in terracotta pots. The rustic look together with the citrus scent of citronella are perfect to enjoy with style in gardens and terraces.

Another option is to enjoy our new citronella and lavender scented candles with a concrete design in different colours. They are perfect to decorate terraces and gardens while keeping insects away. This new scent combines citronella with the pleasant scent of lavender, both natural insect repellents.

The geranium scent of our Goodbye Moscas Lumar Aromatic keeps flies away without using insecticides. It provides pleasant atmospheres thanks to the combination of several active natural essences, rose scent and geranium scent.

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