Candles to light up summer evenings: citronella

Candles to light up summer evenings: citronella

With the arrival of the hottest months of the year, the days get longer and the nights become accomplices of endless dinners. Whether indoors or outdoors, candles become the perfect allies to create special atmospheres, illuminating in a dim and elegant way. Decorating with candles is a cost-effective and easy way to give a different touch to any space in your home and garden.

The perfect atmosphere for any occasion

Good lighting is key in any room, and candles will help you to achieve a cosy and pleasant effect.. Strategically placing a few candles on a table, and distributing others throughout the space will be the perfect solution for a relaxed atmosphere.

Open windows, an improvised light dinner and different lit candles are synonymous with a unique evening. It’s not just about illuminating the room you are in with candles, but also about creating the perfect setting for any situation.. And although these evenings may sound very idyllic, the truth is that sometimes there are guests you didn’t count on. The relentless mosquitoes. However, your candles can also help them disappear.


Citronella, your great ally

Citronella (or lemongrass) is a medicinal plant native to southern India and Sri Lanka. It is widely used all over the world, as it is an excellent natural insect repellent.. Its intense citrus scent, among which lemon predominates, repels mosquitoes and gives the room a special fresh scent. For this reason, choosing citronella scented candles for summer evenings is always a good choice.


The perfect candle combination for a summer night out

Something very common in the warmer months is having to battle with insects that may be attracted by movement, smell or simply the light. Did you know that by choosing the right candles, and placing them in strategic areas of the room, you can forget about this problem?

To achieve this, combine candles in the most appropriate way:

  • Sitúa las velas sin aroma encima de la mesa, mientras cenas, así el aroma que desprendan los alimentos sobre la mesa no se verán eclipsados.
  • Para después de cenar, en las infinitas sobremesas, selecciona velas aromáticas con perfume fresco y suave.
  • Añade velas de citronela en puntos claves del espacio para que, además de aportar calidez al ambiente, mantengan a raya a los insectos.

Place unscented candles on top of the table while you dine so that the aroma of the food on the table is not overshadowed. For the endless after-dinner after-dinner table settings, select scented candles with a fresh, soft scent.


Candles to explore your creativity

Once we’ve kept the little insects at bay, what do you say we finish decorating our private oasis? Candle holders with small tealights, candles, candle blocks or candles that, whether lit or unlit, add a sophisticated touch to your home. At Velas Martínez Morales you will find different sizes and formats of candles, to decorate your home in an easy and successful way while you discover endless creative possibilities.

Extend your summer nights without worrying about mosquito bites is possible. Create your own private oasis and enjoy it with all 5 senses.

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