Candles to light up summer evenings: citronella

With the arrival of the hottest months of the year, the days get longer and the nights become accomplices of endless dinners. Whether indoors or outdoors, candles become the perfect allies to create special atmospheres, illuminating in a dim and elegant way. Decorating with candles is a cost-effective and easy way to give a different […]

Candles are the best gift this Christmas

They’re here! Christmas is finally just around the corner! We are looking forward to a few days of quiet at home, walks to see the lights and long conversations at the dinner table. At Christmas, we all like to spend good times with the family and there is nothing better than doing so in a […]

Decorate your home by combining candles of different sizes

velas de diferentes tamaños

Good lighting is the key to pleasant home. That’s why more and more people are choosing to complete their home lighting with decorative candles.. Their soft tinkling and the special light they give off are perfect for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.. One of the decorative tricks most used by decorators is the combination […]

Decorate your home with the most wintry gourmet aromas

Winter evenings call for enjoying the home. Sitting down to read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine in good company. And, to create the best atmosphere for this, there is nothing better than lighting a candle. The tinkling of candles and the special light they give off are perfect for creating an […]

Aromatium: Spanish scented vegetable wax candles

The world moves on, societies change and everything around us adapts to the situations we live in. It is not surprising that, more and more, we are conscious and consistent with our environment. With what we eat, with what we wear and, of course, with what we choose to decorate our homes. We are experiencing […]

Scented candles: the power of aromatherapy

Nowadays, with the pace of life, we are used to moving on a daily basis, the need to disconnect is becoming imperative. Get home, put on comfortable clothes, dim the lights, light some candles and relax. Scented candles are always the perfect choice to create the perfect atmosphere for this activity.. Wrap yourself in the […]