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Decorate your home by combining candles of different sizes

Good lighting is the key to pleasant home. That’s why more and more people are choosing to complete their home lighting with decorative candles.. Their soft tinkling and the special light they give off are perfect for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.. One of the decorative tricks most used by decorators is the combination of candles of different sizes to create special corners. We tell you how to do it in a simple and easy way.

Find the most suitable corner for your candles

Decorating with candles is an easy and simple way to give more prominence to a forgotten corner of a house or commercial premises.. By simply adding a few candles, you will see how this place is transformed and becomes a pleasant and peaceful corner. When selecting the most appropriate place to decorate with candles, remember to choose areas without curtains or other decorative elements that could catch fire.


Choose the perfect candle to decorate

When choosing the right candle to decorate a room it is important to consider several aspects. You can choose from small tea lights to block candles.. The first ones have an approximate duration of 4.5 hours, so they are perfect for lighting the table during dinner, enjoying a relaxing moment or a pleasant after-dinner conversation. In addition, at Velas Martínez Morales we also have a maxi version of this candle with a duration of 8 hours, so that they last all night long.

If you want to illuminate a room or a corner creating a permanent candle centre, choose block candles. These candles create an irresistible atmosphere in any room. They also have a long burning time without soot or smokewhich makes them perfect for all types of environments.


Combine candles of different sizes

Now that you know which corner you are going to light and what kind of candles you would like to use for it, combine different sizes to create volume and create spaces with depth. If you have chosen tea lights, you can go for the standard, double and maxi size to give extra vibrancy to your corner.. You can also play with the colours of the candles, combining pleasant shades and placing some of them on candle holders. Distribute the candles around the place you want to decorate and add an extra touch with dried flowers. This will turn the illuminated area into a unique corner.

If you have decided on block candles to create a permanent decorative centrepiece, the height of the candles will play an important role. Start by selecting one or two colours, always going for nice and calm colour combinations. Once you have it, select your candles in two different sizes taking into account the most suitable height. At Martinez Morales Candles we have 150×70, 100×90, 150×90 and 200×70 cm candles so you can choose the ones that best suit your space.



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