Decorate your home with the most wintry gourmet aromas

Winter evenings call for enjoying the home. Sitting down to read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine in good company. And, to create the best atmosphere for this, there is nothing better than lighting a candle. The tinkling of candles and the special light they give off are perfect for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. If the candle you light is also aromatic, you will get a good feeling in the room.. Gourmand scents are the most suitable for this.

Los aromas gourmand

You have probably heard of gourmand scents. Their olfactory notes are highly appetising. Gourmand fragrances are all fragrances that contain food-related smells. For example, cocoa, cinnamon, honey, mint… They are very popular perfumes as they awaken the olfactory memory, taking us back to past times and moments. A coffee or caramel scent can take you back to moments of pleasure. Try it!

Gourmand scents are perfect for the winter when what we are most looking for is the shelter of the home. This type of fragrance makes us feel calmer and more comfortable, creating a relaxing space at home.


Elige el tipo de vela

Before choosing the most suitable gourmand scent for your space, start by selecting the most suitable candle. At Martínez Morales Candles we have different types of scented vegetable wax candles, created in collaboration with the best perfumers in Europe.

While jar candles have an iconic shape that adds a modern touch, scented candles in glass are perfect for adding an intimate touch to any room. You can also choose our most popular yoghurt glass candles or opt for elegant finishes such as the premium Aromatium collection candles or theBotanical Essences collection candles in green and amber glass.

Select the right candle for your home décor and get ready to choose the perfect gourmand scent.


Selecciona el aroma más adecuado

The choice of gourmand scent depends solely on your olfactory tastes. If you love the aroma of freshly baked bread, we recommend the Bakery sweet candle in a jar.. Your room will be filled with sweet bakery notes. If you are looking for a classic scent that you can enjoy every day, choose the cinnamon-scented candle in a glass.. It’s a perfect scent for any time of the day.

Among the gourmand scented candles, you’ll also find less common sweet scents, such as strawberries and cream. Available as a yoghurt cup candle or in a jar,this scented candle is perfect for quiet evenings when you need a little extra relaxation.


Already know which gourmand scent to choose this winter? Visit our website and select the right scented candle for you.

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