Scented candles: the power of aromatherapy

Nowadays, with the pace of life, we are used to moving on a daily basis, the need to disconnect is becoming imperative. Get home, put on comfortable clothes, dim the lights, light some candles and relax. Scented candles are always the perfect choice to create the perfect atmosphere for this activity.. Wrap yourself in the warmth of soft lights and fresh scents, and feel the benefits instantly.

The magic of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative treatment that uses essential and aromatic oils from plants, herbs and flowers. These essential oils can come into contact with our bodies in a variety of ways. For example, scented candles, once lit, give off an aroma that envelops the room. In this way, everyone who is in the room benefits in the balance of their physical and psychological well-being.

The great advantage of this type of therapy is that just by choosing the candle and the corner where you are going to place it, you will have the perfect atmosphere for the occasion.. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, or simply relaxing after an intense day in the city. Let yourself be caressed by the gentle healing embrace of scented candles.


Create the perfect ambience when you get home with scented candles

In addition to the therapeutic qualities of scented candles, we could not forget their decorative qualities. Lighting up the corners of certain rooms with candles can turn your house into a real home.

On the terrace to light up warm summer nights. In the bathroom to set the mood for relaxing bubble baths. On the table while sharing a delicious dinner for two. You don’t need to light candles to celebrate special occasions. Incorporate them into your everyday life and make them your ritual, your moment of intimacy and disconnection.


Choose the best option for each moment

Think about what sensation you want to recreate, in what area or on what surface you want to place your scented candles, and look for the right candle. When you light it, you will achieve a unique and relaxed atmosphere wrapped in your favourite aroma.

At Martinez Morales Candles we have a wide selection of scented candles, with more than 80 different fragrances and different holders to suit all tastes. From small Tealights candles, perfect to illuminate specific points of the home. Vegetable wax candles in glass cups, which dress up any surface. Or even simpler candles that fill any room with light, colour and aroma. And for the most stylish, the Aromatium Premium Candles collection offers a sensory experience with modern, refreshing scents and an elegant design.

Discover a whole universe of scented candles, choose your favourites and enjoy the atmosphere that is created quickly and intensely when you light the wick. It’s your moment!


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