Aromatium: Spanish scented vegetable wax candles

Aromatium: Spanish scented vegetable wax candles

The world moves on, societies change and everything around us adapts to the situations we live in. It is not surprising that, more and more, we are conscious and consistent with our environment. With what we eat, with what we wear and, of course, with what we choose to decorate our homes.

We are experiencing an increasingly palpable and present transformation, down to the smallest detail. At Velas Martínez Morales we are not lagging behind and we are committed to protecting the environment by manufacturing candles with 100% vegetable waxes, without pesticides or herbicides. Candles that do not produce black smoke or emit toxic gases when their wick burns. When it comes to pampering you and taking care of our environment, we do not skimp on the quality of our materials.

Velas Martinez Morales, manufacturing in Spain for over 60 years

Located in Toledo, both manufacturing and storage, at Velas Martínez Morales we are committed to local products as far as possible. Our philosophy includes the creation of different products, including high-quality collections.

This is the case with Aromatium, one of our premium collections. These scented candles are created with top quality materials, including vegetable wax and 100% cotton wick.

A high-quality candle to which we add the most exquisite aromas thanks to our collaboration with perfumers from all over Europe. In Aromatium you will find the latest aromatic trends in the market.


Creating perfect moments at Aromatium

Aromatium’s scented candles create unique moments that you will remember thanks to their perfumes and special designs. Modern and refreshing scents such as Musk Orientale, Mandarin & Amber or Cotton Flower & Roses, to enjoy in the intimacy of your home. Scents such as Forest Fruits, Vanilla, Jasmine and Strawberries & Cream, perfect for meetings and endless after-dinner dinners with friends. there are a thousand and one possible combinations!

Discover the different Aromatium collections and create the perfect scene for any occasion.


Add aromas or mask smells, you choose with Aromatium

Aromatium candles not only bring different aromas to rooms but can also neutralize odours that accumulate in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. The vegetable wax, in combination with Symrise’s patented Neofresh® technology, not only eliminates odours but also provides a fresh, clean scent. Choose a scent for every room and transform it into a cosy, warm and elegant space, just by lighting a candle!

Over the years, at Velas Martines Morales, we have adapted to the new times by reinventing the craft, without sacrificing quality, sustainability and commitment to the environment. That is why our candles make the world a more pleasant place, bringing a touch of warmth to everyday life.

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